Cycle Run 2016

23rd June 2016


Island Of Inch Masonic Lodge No. 589


Sponsored Cycle Run 2016


Londonderry to Donegal Town


"Children to Lapland Trust" & "Teddies for Loving Care"


Worshipful Master 2015 - W Bro. Jason Jack



The Idea of the Sponsor Cycle first sprung to mind late in 2015 after my attendance at Provincial Grand Lodge when we received an update on the support given to Northern Ireland's Children to Lapland Trust and the fantastic work they do. This got me thinking and after a number of conversations with Lodge Members I put the idea to cycle from Bishop Street to Donegal Town to Open Lodge, it was received well. When thr idea first came to mind I could never have imagined the support and assistance that I was to receive, both from my own Lodge and those Lodges which assisted on the day, namely Lifford Lodge 102, Stranorlar Lodge 341 and Lodge 588 in Donegal Town.

On the day we had sixteen starters and departed from Bishop Street just after 9.30am on our way for Strabane and our first "pit-stop". Several punctures later and having broken a sweat, some for the first time in many years we were suitably received in Strabane for refreshments. Stage two was from Strabane crossing the bridge into Donegal and making our way to Stranorlar where again we were received in the usual Masonic manner and treated to a first class home made lunch by  the local Lodge. It was then back on our 'bikes for the final push, and for some it may well have been their final push over O'Barnes Gap, (avoiding the tempetation for a quick stop at Biddy's) it was straight to the Masonic Hall in Donegal Town where we received a warm Donegal welcome by the Members of Lodge 588.

The Journey was over, the commitment of the cyclists, the support party and all those behind the scenes, not forgetting the host Lodges along the way made the event the success that it was and will result in a substantial presentation to the NI Children to Lapland Trust later in the year, as well as a donation to Teddies for Loving Care which the Order continues to suppor in an ongoing basis.

Later that evening we retreated to a fantastic evening onboard the Water Bus by Lodge 588 and our thanks must go out to all who supported that event also. We look forward to our next chalange, and I would thoroughly commend it to other Lodges, get out there, it's a great way to promote the Order and enjoy some fellowship on the way.

Jason Jack PM                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Island of Inch 589                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




The lineup at Bishop Street



Ready for "The Off"


There they go!!

Checking the road sign (might be lost?)

The organiser W Bro.Jason Jack



W Bro.Billy Doherty with Cousins Ken & George

The oldest cyclist to take part with his Grandsons

W Bro.Sam "We are all going well"

Hi W Bro. Colin "What happened to the knees"?


W Bro.Sam "Where have all the others gone" ?


Difficulty getting started

That's better-Here we come!!


Yes!! That's Him  W Bro. Jason "Still going great"


The backup team

First arrivals at Donegal Town

All arrivals safe and sound (and tired)



Welcome cup of tea in Donegal Town

Lodge Secretary & Wife