10th October 2009, The Lodge went to Belfast to the Masonic Hall, The Mount, to exemplify
 the 1st Degree before the V.W Grand Lodge of Instruction.

The 'Degree Team' was selected (in true MU style) and Coached by R.W.Bro. Noel Simpson and W.Bro. John Gault.

Following a very enjoyable period of preparation, the following members together
with supporters travelled by coach to Belfast.


  Worshipful Master W.Bro Peter Tait
  Senior Warden W.Bro. Billy Cairns
  Junior Warden W.Bro. Samuel Hynds
  Secretary W.Bro John Gault
  Director of Ceremonies W.Bro Ken Lappin
  Senior Deacon Bro. Samuel Donnell
  Junior Deacon Bro. Donald Armsrtong
  Inner Guard Bro. Jason Jack
  Outer Guard W.Bro. Aubrey Crawford
  Chaplin W.Bro John Carey
  The Candidate Bro. Raymond Lumsden
  Conductor Bro. Colin McCandless
  Received by Bro. Jonathan Keys
  Obligation W.Bro Peter Tait
  Explaination Bro Colin McCandless
  Supporters W.Bro Colin Miller (Current W.M) / W.Bro. Stewart Simpson / W.Bro. Mervyn Holmes / W.Bro Bertie Lynch / Bro. Les Boyle /
Bro. Terence McKeegan / W.Bro Jim Holmes


  From The Provincial Grand Lodge of Londonderry & Donegal
  Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. Robert.G.Quigley
  Provincial Deputy Grand Master  R.W.Bro. Noel.A.Drain
  Provincial Assistant Grand Master R.W.Bro. David Blair

Some photographs of the day

Photographs by R.W.Bro. Noel Simpson


Lodge Hotel Coleraine for coffee and scones


Aubrey,John,Jason & Raymond discussing tactics


Present WM Colin Miller & Lodge Treasurer Stewart Simpson


W.Bro. Aubrey Crawford taking a drink order (I think he must be buying the 'round' ??)


W.Bro John Gault telling the Treasurer to keep his head down because someone is coming with the bill for the meal


W.Bro. Billy Cairns entertaining R.W.Bro Noel Drain P.D.G.M


L to R W.Bro. John Carey, W.Bro. Ken Lappin DoC, Bro. Sam Donnell, Bro. Jonathan Keys & Bro. Jason Jack (Drinks bought by the DoC hiding from the camera)


 Bro.Nigel Cairns, Bro.Colin McCandless & Bro. Raymond  Lumsden