Photographs by W.Bro. Arthur Graham - Lodge Almoner

Installation and Festive Board 27th March 2009


Lodge Members and Distinguished Guests
Front Row (L-R)  R.W.Bros. Jack Graham, Noel Drain, M.W. Grand Master, W.Bro. Colin Millar WM,
R.W.Bros. Noel Simpson, John L Frazer (PGL Antrim) & W.Bro. Arthur Graham IPM

Some photographs at the Festive Board


W.Bro.Colin Millar W.Master, presenting the Past Master. W.Bro Arthur Graham with his P.M's Jewel


Grand Master replying on behalf of Grand Lodge. ( the photographer is asleep! how did he take this photo'?)

The Web Master checking that his name is not on the 'Toast List' W.Bro. Ken Lappin DoC, enquiring about piano lessons


(L-R) W.Bro. Stewart Simpson Treas, W.Bro Aubrey Crawford (putting final touches to his appeal for the Charities) & W.Bro. Peter Tait (looks worried about his toast to the Visitors)


R.W. Bro. Noel Drain assuring us that it was R.W. Bro. Jack Graham that took the bite off the 'after eight mint' (I think this is for his wife Ann's benefit). V.W.Bro. Tom McClean & R.W.Bro. J V Arthur making sure that the camera is set.


V.W.Bro. Andy Cole enjoying a small glass of wine from
V.W.Bro. Martin Mace's cellar


Lodge Members & Guests enjoying the Festive Board


Whatever W.Bro. John Gault, Lodge Secretary, is saying, everyone looks very interested

   W.Bro. Robert Hamilton telling the DoC  that he did an excellent job in the Lodge Room


V.W.Bro Roy Thompson & Son Ronald with W.Bros. Mervyn Colhoun & Charles Burnside

  Bro Nigel Cairns, SW. taking notes for his Installation in 2010