Photographs by W.Bro. Arthur Graham - Lodge Almoner

Installation and Festive Board 26th March 2010




Island of Inch Lodge 589 is privileged to have strong membership and dedicated brethren.  I would encourage the brethren to continue in their sterling work and generous charity support as well as enjoying the friendship and camaraderie that I know they will all find in our fine lodge.  I hope the year ahead will be vibrant and enjoyable for the brethren and I thank them in advance for their loyalty to freemasonry in general and Lodge 589 in particular..


Lodge Members and Distinguished Guests
Front Row (L-R)  R.W. Noel Drain PDGM, R.W.Bro Robert.G.Quigley PGM, M.W. Grand Master,
R.W.Bros. Noel Simpson, Rev Selwood Graham, John L Frazer (PGL Antrim)

W.Master presenting the Past Master with his Past Master's Jewel

W.Bro. John Gault - Lodge Secretary, in his usual place, making sure all is in order, (Thanks John)


Being W.Master has its perks, ie. personal waitress


Lodge Members and Guests welcoming the new Worshipful Master


Most Worshipful Bro. George Dunlop - Grand Master


R.Wor.Bro. Robert.G.Quigley - Provincial Grand Master


W.Bro Billy Doherty


Proud father, W.Bro Billy Cairns making the speech to his Son, Nigel


R.W.Bro. Rev.Selwood Graham entertaining the P.D.G.M, P.G.M and W.Bro John Gault - Secretary


W.Bro Billy Cairns, W.Bro.John Cairns and W.Bro. Albert Graham


R.Wor Bro Lexie Colhoun and R.W.Bro. James Madden treasured friends of Lodge 589

  Bro.Colin McCandless, making sure all the members and guests are seated and have plenty of refreshments.


The "Old Brigade" R.W.Bro Arthur.W.Fielding, R.W.Bro.John.V.Arthur and V.W.Bor.Jack McIlwee

  R.W.Bro.John.L.Frazer, P.P.A.G.Master Antrin, enquiring,                 "What's in the blue bag"? 

To end the enjoyable evening, "Auld Lang Syne" by the 'Masonic Choir'