Photographs by W.Bro. Arthur Graham - Lodge Almoner

Installation and Festive Board 22nd March 2013


Worshipful Master - W.Bro. Douglas Armstrong



Lodge Members with the M.W. Grand Master and Distinguished Guests

New Secretary

Immediate Past Master W.Bro. Sam Donnell with his Jewel



 W.Bro. John Gault thanking all for the gift (Is that a tear??)

W.M presenting W.Bro. John Gault with a Gift on behalf of the Lodge after 14years as Secretary


The Grand Master at the Festive Board


 R.W.Bro.Ken Doherty P.A.G.M. replying on behalf of P.G.L                     (I think the Grand Master has nodded off )


Auld Lang Syne


          L - R   V.W.Bro Jack Irwin, V.W.Bro Gordon Robinson and W.Bro. Victor Brown


Festive Board (Notice the wine waiter John (as always) making sure everything is right and everyone is enjoying themselves. ------ New Secretary has a hard act to follow)  

W.Bro Robert Mitchell, W.Bro Herbie Guthrie and V.W.Bro Andy Cole