Lodge Widows





On Sunday 27th May 2018

 Mrs Gretta Vance of Clements Court Londonderry celebrated her 102nd Birthday. Island of Inch Lodge 589 are proud to say she has been one of our faithful widows for 40 years. Although she is confined to bed a lot, her mind is very alert and she still recalls, with great affection, many of the Brethren who were Members of the Lodge while her late Husband was still alive.

It is only within the last five years or so that she has been unable to attend any of our Masonic Widows events, but despite her physical difficulties she still kept an active interest in Masonry, especially Lodge 589.

She received numerous birthday cards and presents from friends, neighbours and relatives including flowers from Island of Inch. She also received greetings from the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins.

A small party took place on Sunday afternoon in her home when she enjoyed a generous helping of Birthday Cake. Everyone present wished her well for the future.





Gretta on her 103rd Birthday


Gretta with

RW Bro.Arthur Graham visiting Gretta




Niece Lyn and Great Nieces

on her 103rd Birthday